Here at our shop we offer high quality breed standard and pet grooms at affordable prices starting from £20, we can also offer hand stripping which starts from £40, our main groomers Tiff and Sarah are highly experienced in this. please give us a call on 07921 021341 for a quote as price depends on breed, hair style and coat condition. We also offer additional services:

Ultrasound Teeth cleaning treatments

No noise, No vibration, no stress, helps bad breath, healthier gums and teeth.


Anal Glands

Expressing of the anal glands if requested by owner’.

£4  (or free with a full groom)

Nail Clipping and Filing

£4 on its own or free with a full groom, nail filing £8 on its own or £4 with a full groom. .


Ear Cleaning and Plucking

Cleaning of the ear and removing any access hair if owner requests.

£4 (or free with a full groom)

Relaxing Spa Treatments

Blueberry Facials, Pawdicures and Moulting Treatments.

£3 each