Meet The Team

Here at our shop we offer high quality breed standard and pet grooms at affordable prices starting from £20, we can also offer hand stripping which starts from £40, our main groomers Tiff and Sarah are highly experienced in this. please give us a call on 07921 021341 for a quote as price depends on breed, hair style and coat condition. We also offer additional services:


Tiff is the owner of Brite barks, she started her grooming career in 2013 at the college of animal welfare, she has competed at many competitions across the country and has won and placed at many competing with Miniature poodles, Labradoodles and miniature schnauzers. Tiff is passionate about dog grooming and is always attending competitions, seminars and doing more exams to become the best she can be.

Tiff is the first and only internationally certified master groomer in Cambridgeshire and has also been nominated for ‘up and coming dog groomer’ Liz Paul Award in 2017.

Tiff has had dogs from a young age, a Japanese Akita and a Siberian Husky called Sage and Dasher.

Favourite breeds: Huskies, Schnauzers, Corgis, Poodles and Dalmatians.


Sian has been grooming for 10 years alongside her award winning mum, Joanne Beddoe. Sian has also been lucky enough to train with some of the UK’s top groomers to further her skills. Sian has competed all over the country and has won and placed at many competitions, she also won ‘Young groomer of the year’ in 2013, she has also competed at Young kennel club at Crufts and has placed many times, and won ‘best handler and approach’ in 2013. Sian comes from a family of breeding and showing dogs, she has inherited this love and passion as it clearly runs in the family; her Mum was involved in this and the work transpired down from her grandparents too.

Sian has 5 Lhasa apsos called Gloria, Blair, Ava, Mable and KiKi.

Favourite breeds: Lhasa apso, Shih tzu, Huskies, cockapoo, poodles, Newfoundland’s and any type of terrier!


Sarah is a fully qualified dog groomer with years of experience, she also has experience in dog grooming competitions and has a very high standard of grooming. Sarah has trained with one of the UK’s top groomers to further her skills in hand stripping cocker spaniels. Sarah is always attending seminars and dog events as she always wants to learn more to be the best she can be.

Sarah also has a animal care qualification, and has got previous experience of running her own dog grooming business but has decided to take a different route and is really enjoying working in a team. Sarah has had dogs from a young age which are cocker spaniels and terrier cross breeds called Leo, Benny, Coco and Sheldon.

Favourite breeds: Cocker spaniels, Chihuahuas, Bearded collies, Golden retrievers and Staffordshire Bull Terriers.


Erin started her grooming career in September 2018 starting as a apprentice here at Brite barks, as soon as Erin started we knew she was perfect for our team.

Erin is level 2 qualified in dog grooming and is currently finishing her level 3 at college and will be qualified next year. Erin is passionate about dog grooming and always strives to create a professional atmosphere for you and your dog. Erin is also animal first aid trained and is always attending seminars, competitions and dog events to learn more and further her skills.

Once Erin has completed her Level 3 she will be going on to study her ICMG title (Internationally Certified Master Groomer) One of the highest dog grooming qualifications in the world, this takes lots of studying and hard work to achieve, but we know Erin will fly through it.

Erin also owns 2 cockapoos called Teddy and Willow and previously owned a cavalier kings Charles called paddy.

Favourite breeds: Labradors, cockapoos, cavalier King Charles, poodles and duck tolling retrievers.